​From Malibu Lakeside's beginning in 1924, the large central lot along Crags Drive has been set aside and zoned for recreational purposes.  

For almost 90 years, it has served that purpose well - first as the community center for this neighborhood that included a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, playground and baseball diamond and for the past 30 years as the natural and scenic heart of the community, offering valuable habitat and historical features.

The dedicated members of the Lakeside Community Association continue to work diligently toward permanently protecting the four-acre parcel. Here are the latest updates:
A Neighborhood Worth Protecting
A Neighborhood Worth Protecting
More information on the four acres can be found here on the L.A. County website.   Click the seal.
This one page document explains the steps needed to create a local parks district to purchase and maintain the old clubhouse lot. 
The Four Acres
This is a mock-up of what our historical fountain should look like when running as it did in the 1920's and is one of the important projects your neighborhood association is working on.
January 2018 Letter to Lakeside 1-21-18 (revised)
Lakeside Park update
March 2017
Correction to MLCA update dated 1/21/18:  We incorrectly estimated the number of homes evacuating via Crags Drive. The correct number is approximately 180 homes from Lakeside and MLMC.
for more information on vernal pools referenced in the letter at left, please click the EPA logo above