Dear Neighbors:

Malibu Lakeside is a very special place - one that deserves care and attention from all of us.

My husband Dick and I have lived here for over twenty years and have been members of our community association since 1988. We joined the Lakeside Community Association when we purchased our lots and decided to build our dream home. We had many friends in this community and when the right property became available, we were delighted.

Being in both L.A. County and the Coastal Commission zone, it took us four years to build, but the work and the wait was worth it because of how we felt about this community.  

Every time I drive by the lake, I realize I belong to a part of the world that’s truly unique. You do as well. Our community and vicinity holds extraordinary beauty and history with the hundreds of movies and television shows produced here. The outside world thinks it’s a very special place and I know you do to. 

The Malibu Lakeside Community Association is actively maintaining and preserving a portion of history in the form of Malibu Lakeside Park, a community gathering place and play field in the heart of our community. We want all of you to enjoy and help us keep it a little refuge from the hurly burly world. We want all of you to be involved in your neighborhood. Your voice IS important here.  I can be reached at

I am deeply dedicated to protecting and preserving what we have and invite all of you to join me and the rest of your neighbors in OUR community association. Your support and help is vital to protecting this beautiful place.

The Four Acres
This is a mock-up of what our historical fountain should look like when running as it did in the 1920's and is one of the important projects your neighborhood association is working on.
Pat Henkel, President
Malibu Lakeside Community Association
The revived neighborhood park on Crags Drive
A Neighborhood Worth Protecting