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Here, the term "shop local" takes on a whole new meaning!

The service you need could be your neighbor's specialty.  Everyone below is a Lakesider and gets a free listing. A display ad with a photo and more information about your business supports neighborhood preservation & functions and is only $5 a month.  And it's tax deductible!   Display ads will be available soon.  See mock-ups below.  Watch for the announcement!
Film & television production, documentaries      Scott Billingsley & Sandy Guthrie 
         (818) 555-1212      lives on Lookout Drive
Graphic design / presentation design,  logos & websites     Brian Rooney,  R7Media.com     (310) 280-0200                brian.rooney@R7Media.com    
Interior Designer        Sonya Cipollina     818-865-8755     interiorsublime.squarespace.com     lives on Lookout Drive
Printing - Commercial Printing     Richard Breene     Breene Graphics Printing     818-885-7900    Richard@BreeneGraphics.com 
Some of these listings are placeholders. Send your business information to Brian and he'll post it!

Contracting   (home building, remodeling, maintenance )     Robert Niesner,  President    Legacy Construction & Development     818-522-0332​      lives on View Drive
Travel     Dina Lasky    FROSCH Classic Cruise & Luxury Travel Specialist    
                        cell: 310-748-6041    dina.lasky@frosch.com       lives on Lookout Drive
Financial Planning    Carlos Lluch,  CFP,  CLU    LPL Financial     (310) 589-0577   carlos.lluch@lpl.com​       
            lives on Seminole Drive
Fitness / Personal Training    Betsy Lluch     (310) 924-9945​       lives on Seminole Drive
Physical Therapy /Occupational Therapy    Stacy Cook, OTR/L, CHT     Healing Hands Rehab, Inc. (Calabasas, Encino)                (818) 224-3837   healinghandsrehab@sbcglobal.net     lives on View Drive
Drywall     Rick Cook, Premium Rock Drywall, Inc.  ​  (818) 676-3350   rick@premiumrock.org      lives on View Drive
Soup     Gourmet organic soup     Daniel Tout, chef     The Gourmet Soup Kitchen    818-912-0901    
           thegourmetsoupkitchen.com      lives on Lookout Drive 
Audio-Visual Installations  (custom)    Dick Henkel      (310) 444-9111      lives on Lookout Drive
Skin care / medical grade facials    Lori Carhart    owner, Skin Evolution     Westlake Village   
         (818) 917-1357    myskinevolution.com    lives on Circle Drive 
Website design     Chris Perry    The Fancy Wizard    cell: 310-857-4514     thefancywizard@gmail.com          
                 www.stitch-technologies.com      lives on Seminole Drive  
Psychiatrist:  Talk Therapy & Medication Management​    Walter Jacobsen, M.D.    (818) 991-0572    
           walter.jacobson@gmail.com      lives on Crags Drive  (office in Agoura Hills)  
Speech Language Pathologist     Martha S. Vaughan,  M.A.  C.C.C.     818-416-1923    mrsvaughan6@gmail.com
         lives on Crags Drive
Film & television cinematography      Charlie Lieberman, ASC      (818) 555.1212       lives on Olivera Drive  
Film & television motion graphics, visual effects & and animated title design     Craig O'Donnelly      818-730-7066             me@craigodonnelly.com     www.craigodonnelly.com     lives on Lookout Drive
Roofing - residential     Monte Perlin     cell:  661-313-5719     lives on Lookout Drive
Meditation and Movement Specialist / Life Coach       Draza Jansky     www.DrazaJansky.com     drazadance@gmail.com     cell: 619-358-0123         location: omnipresent
Music Composition & Licensing    Greg Dombrowski, Composer & Owner of Secession Studios    Greg@Secessionstudios.com 310-752-3104   Lives on Circle Dr.

Television     Mike Le Han    Aftermath is a full service production company creating live action, visual effects and motion graphics for the film, television and digital media industries.     www.aftermath.la
                    mike@aftermath.la       Lives on Seminole Drive