The Malibu Lakeside Community Association
Dear Neighbors:

Malibu Lakeside is a very special place - one that deserves care and attention from all of us.

My husband Dick and I have lived here for over twenty years and have been members of our community association since 1988. We joined the Lakeside Community Association when we purchased our lots and decided to build our dream home. We had many friends in this community and when the right property became available, we were delighted.

Being in both L.A. County and the Coastal Commission zone, it took us four years to build, but the work and the wait was worth it because of how we felt about this community.  
With regards to the open lot along Crags Drive, you may be asking: “Why should I care what happens on a piece of property that's not near my home?”.  Every time I drive by the lake, I realize I belong to a part of the world that’s truly unique. You do as well. Our community and vicinity holds extraordinary beauty and history with the hundreds of movies and television shows produced here. The outside world thinks it’s a very special place and I know you do to. 

I am deeply dedicated to protecting and preserving what we have and invite all of you to join me and the rest of your neighbors in OUR community association. Your support and help is vital to protecting this beautiful place.

Pat Henkel, President
Malibu Lakeside Community Association
Who We Are:

Pat Henkel, President
Scott Billingsley, Vice President
Keith Larson, Treasurer
Debbie Larson, Secretary
Members-at-large: Brian Rooney

Marketing Manager:  Brad Oskow

Goals of your Community Association:

We are a group of your neighbors who are committed to promoting and protecting Malibu Lakeside, one of the most special communities in California and one that is surrounded by over 5,000 acres of public parkland while being so close to an urban core. 

Through outreach and activism, it is our goal to build neighborhood cohesiveness (too often lacking today) with regular communication, community gatherings and activities.

Pancake breakfasts, community BBQ's and the annual Great Pumpkin Race were recently expanded with our first summer movie night (that will be smoother next time, we promise). Your voice, help and membership dues are important and will benefit us all. We want to hear from you!   Please let us know how we can make your neighborhood better.​  
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!
Lakeside resident Jean Samwell (checkered shirt) and friends conquer Bulldog Trail in 1937
MLCA By-Laws
MLCA Board Meeting Schedule
January 2018 Letter to Lakeside 1-21-18 (revised)